Wednesday, September 15, 2010


7 T soy sauce
6 T sugar
sprinkling dashi (japanese bullion base similar to bonito flakes)
5 T mirin (sweet japanese rice wine)
2 T sake
lean pork (typically two pork chops, adjust the amount of sauce appropriately for other amounts)
3 eggs
panko (japanese breadcrumbs)

Slice pork thinly (1/4 inch maximum), dip in egg and then panko. Fry in vegtable oil until golden brown and completely cooked. Slice cooked pork in to 1 cm wide strips.

Take two cup measuring cup, add one cup hot water, add first 5 ingredients.

Divide pork in to 3 portions. Put 2/3 C of the sauce in a wok, over moderately high heat add a portion of pork and bring to a boil; when boiling crack an egg into the mix and stir rapidly with cooking chopsticks or a fork until the egg is cooked. Remove batch from the wok and repeat for remaining batches.